Dollars and Jens
Friday, April 26, 2013
The headline is a lot better than last quarter, but note that final private sales are actually weaker (growing more slowly) than last time. Well, final private sales from Americans, not to Americans; there was a surge in imports. Not, on the whole, a bad report, though not as good as one keeps hoping for after four years of high unemployment.
II 09III 09IV 09I 10II 10III 10IV 10I 11II 11III 11IV 11I 12II 12III 12IV 12I 13
Gross domestic product-.
Nondurable goods-.
Durable goods-.141.43-.
Change in private inventories-
Fixed investment-2.49-.32-.69-.101.58-.10.87-.141.391.751.
Net exports of goods and services2.47-.70-.05-.83-1.81-.951.
Government spending1.94.79.23-.69.59-.06-.94-1.49-.16-.60-.43-.60-.14.75-1.41-.80


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