Dollars and Jens
Friday, October 17, 2003
Welcome to Dollars and Jens
We've had a few entries, but I'd like to take this opportunity to officially introduce us and welcome you to our new blog.

The Dean and I are twin brothers, he based in the Chicago area, I based near Boston. We've been blogging for a while at Jens 'n' Frens, mostly about politics and current events, but generally about whatever we felt like commenting, or just websites we felt like pointing out. We decided to bring financial matters over here, partially to avoid alienating either of our regular readers, and partially to try to attract a new audience.

The Dean writes and maintains software for a Chicago-based trading outfit, which works primarily with bonds and bond futures, and is the largest Eurex player in North America. I am studying investment management at BU, have passed the first exam toward the CFA, and am looking for a job -- if you're in the industry, hiring, and I seem clever to you, check out my résumé.

I don't think we know yet exactly what our audience is -- in particular, whether we're aiming at people who don't know what a "market cap" is (or what differentiates it from a "market beanie"), or whether we're going to get into arguments with people more knowledgeable than us about what the Fed is likely to do and why. You can count on the style being informal, though, and infested with a dry sense of humor.

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