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Wednesday, November 12, 2003 IBM Subpoenas SCO Investors, Analysts
According to Forbes, the Linux lawsuit isn't all hugs and foot-massages:
The legal battle between SCO Group and IBM is widening, as IBM has sent subpoenas to investors and analysts who have supported SCO.

On Oct. 30, IBM issued subpoenas to Baystar Capital, Deutsche Bank, Renaissance Ventures and Yankee Group, companies that have either invested in SCO or published reports suggesting that SCO's claims against IBM could be legitimate.

"I view this as an attempt to bully and intimidate analysts--to try to cow them into silence," says Christopher Sontag, executive vice president at SCO, in Lindon, Utah.

IBM will not say why it issued the subpoenas. But a company spokesman says IBM is frustrated by SCO's reluctance to produce proof of its allegations. "It is time for SCO to produce something meaningful. They have been dragging their feet and it is not clear there is any incentive for SCO to try this in court," he says.

IBM has filed two motions to compel discovery, the most recent one on Nov. 6.

Sontag says SCO has provided 1 million pages of documents to IBM and that IBM in return has provided only 100,000 pages to SCO. "The foot-dragging is on the part of IBM," he says.
Is the first sentence of that last paragraph supposed to prove the second?

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