Dollars and Jens
Thursday, April 15, 2004
latest numbers
Gold prices dropped $7 yesterday on inflation fears, or something like that. I figure this is why I'm not a trader. In any case, the price drop was at least subsequent to a report that the CPI rose .5% last month, or .4% stripping out the volatile components. I think they should report a moving average of the difference between the two, so we can ignore the volatile components in the short run but account for them in the longer term. Taking the volatile component and smoothing it seems to be something they mostly do when the whole figure is volatile, like initial claims of unemployment, which came in this week at 360,000, well above last week's figure, which was revised up to 330k. Well, the four week average is 344k, still up from last week, but only 5k or so.

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