Dollars and Jens
Tuesday, May 25, 2004
More Personal Stuff
Since I blogged job-search related stuff a few days ago, I thought I'd mention this as well.

I had a phone interview Monday with a company which I respect quite a bit (and like even more after talking to them). I'd have to relocate. I think I'd accept a job from them immediately if they were around here. As it is, I'd have to think about it.

I think the interview went relatively well -- not perfectly (when does it ever?), but well. There was one point at which one of the guys (their voices were too similar for me to distinguish) announced that he was going to ask me some accounting questions, and my heart stopped for a moment. Then he asked why a company might report growing earnings and shrinking cash flows from operations. "Oh," I thought, "so not hard accounting questions." I had feared the sort of thing I've been studying for my CFA test, such as consolidation of foreign subsidiaries that use different currencies.

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