Dollars and Jens
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
IV 04I 05II 05III 05IV 05I 06II 06III 06IV 06I 07II 07III 07IV 07I 08II 08III 08
Gross domestic product2.
Nondurable goods.
Durable goods.
Change in private inventories-.11.63-2.07-.191.56-.24.38-.11-1.41-
Fixed investment1.14.851.21.88.411.39-.40-.81-1.27-.57.47-.15-.97-.86-.25-.79
Net exports of goods and services-
Government spending-.35-.04.17.65-.

The "final" report. Nothing all that new. I might reduce the consumption detail again next time; I'm curious as to to what extent durable goods looks like investment.


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