Dollars and Jens
Thursday, October 01, 2009
I'm increasingly quite busy, and completely missed the "final" 2Q GDP release yesterday.
II 06III 06IV 06I 07II 07III 07IV 07I 08II 08III 08IV 08I 09II 09
Gross domestic product1.
Nondurable goods.
Durable goods-.
Change in private inventories.22-.13-1.08-.61.32.19-.63-.21-1.25.26-.64-2.36-1.42
Fixed investment-.32-.86-.91-.43.59-.04-.66-.99-.41-1.30-3.28-6.62-1.68
Net exports of goods and services.02-.711.94-.29.661.362.24.362.35-.10.452.641.65
Government spending.


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