Dollars and Jens
Friday, February 26, 2010
GDP was revised up slightly, largely due to non-residential investment, especially in inventories. (Growth in final sales was revised down to 1.9% at an annualized rate from 2.3%.)
IV 06I 07II 07III 07IV 07I 08II 08III 08IV 08I 09II 09III 09IV 09
Gross domestic product3.
Nondurable goods.93.48-.13.33.27-.49.35-.94-.78.29-.29.23.64
Durable goods.
Change in private inventories-1.08-.61.32.19-.63-.21-1.25.26-.64-2.36-1.42.693.88
Fixed investment-.91-.43.59-.04-.66-.99-.41-1.30-3.28-6.62-1.68-.15.75
Net exports of goods and services1.94-.29.661.362.24.362.35-.10.452.641.65-.81.30
Government spending.


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