Dollars and Jens
Friday, October 29, 2010
The BEA release. "Residential fixed investment" (homebuilding), which added .55 to the Q2 figure, subtracted .8 from the Q3 figure; most other kind of investment were also growing more slowly, but not to the same degree. Imports continued to increase, but not at the very high rate at which they were increasing in Q2.
III 07IV 07I 08II 08III 08IV 08I 09II 09III 09IV 09I 10II 10III 10
Gross domestic product2.32.9-.7.6-4.0-6.8-4.9-.
Nondurable goods.27.07-.50.31-.91-.78.06-.
Durable goods.31.20-.92-.23-.95-1.79.35-.211.35-.
Change in private inventories-.28-.77-.49-.48-.12-2.31-1.09-
Fixed investment-.18-.76-.98-.69-1.83-4.01-5.71-1.26.12-.12.392.06.10
Net exports of goods and services.873.21.841.04-.631.502.881.47-1.371.90-.31-3.50-2.01
Government spending.


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