Dollars and Jens
Friday, October 26, 2012
Even of the 2% growth rate, a large chunk of that is government spending.  More than all of the fixed investment was in fact residential; it may be that businesses were taking a break until the election.  Non-farm private inventory continued to decrease, but farm inventory "investment" went from negative to positive.
IV 08I 09II 09III 09IV 09I 10II 10III 10IV 10I 11II 11III 11IV 11I 12II 12III 12
Gross domestic product-8.9-5.3-.
Nondurable goods-.92-.05-.
Durable goods-2.12.11-.141.43-.
Change in private inventories-1.54-2.29-
Fixed investment-4.05-4.73-2.49-.32-.69-.101.58-.10.87-.141.391.751.
Net exports of goods and services-.122.452.47-.70-.05-.83-1.81-.951.
Government spending.35.371.94.79.23-.69.59-.06-.94-1.49-.16-.60-.43-.60-.14.71


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